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Safe Travels - LD#44

Humans have preserved themselves in cryopods while searching for a new habitable planet. Their survival depends on a maintenance robot named N0V4 that needs to keep the energy running in this not so high tech ships cryopods by using its own energy. 

There are also other tasks to attend to, the ships navigation needs constant calibration and its engines have seen better days. Are you able to keep everyone alive until you arrive to your destination?

- Movement: WASD/Arrow Keys
- Interact: E
- Help: H 
- Map: M  
- Pause: Esc

This game was made for Ludum Dare #44 (theme: Your Life Is Currency)

Programming: Mekyi
Graphics: Mekyi & RabbitTank
Sound effects: RabbitTank
Music: TeknoAXE - Space Vacation (royalty free)


Download 25 MB

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